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CEO - Pur3x Andrew Rinehart - Billion Dollar Plan

Interview with Pur3x CEO Andrew Rinehart

Interview with Pur3x Master Distributor Rick Hagar

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Interview with Pur3x Master Distributor Larry Lantieri


  • Pur3x Unveils the Most Powerful Matrix Compensation Plan in the World

    Posted by Tom / on 03/09/2010 / 1 Comment


    The Pur3x Designer Beverage Club opportunity was recently unveiled in Atlanta, Georgia to a sell out event which attracted a crowd looking to get in on a great ground floor opportunity. The Pur3x blockbuster event revealed the reasons why this powerful new energy drink is like no other on the market and offers an unbeatable compensation plan.

    Pur3x not only offers an elite product with the purest ingredients it also has a matrix compensation plan that allows you to earn money by recruiting just three people into the Pur3x Designer Beverage Club. The compensation plan is based on a 3 x ..

  • Professional Athletes are Stepping Up to High Performance Pur3x Energy Drinks

    Posted by Tom / on 03/09/2010 / 0 Comments


    Professional athletes are stepping up to a powerful new energy drink called Pur3x that is jam packed with concentrated antioxidants and other ingredients that improve energy and athletic performance. Pur3x is offered in two revolutionary new products which include The Revolution, Renew, and Passion, which are beneficial in improving overall health and wellness while providing a sensational energy boost.

    Pur3xproducts consist of the essential vitamins A, B, and E and minerals, as well as highly concentrated antioxidants that will boost the immune system and improve performance for professional athletes. Pur3x is comparable to other energy drinks such as Red bull ..

  • Pur3x Launches a Dynamic Designer Beverage Home Based Business

    Posted by Tom / on 03/09/2010 / 0 Comments


    The company Pur3x just launched a dynamic new designer beverage that is like no other energy drink on the market. This innovative new designer beverage offers the very purest ingredients and a first rate home based business opportunity that does not require you to build a huge downline.

    Pur3x is based out of Salt Lake City and recently launched its new line of products at an event in Atlanta Georgia. The new designer beverages are targeted to address specific health needs and provide a unique blend of ingredients while providing distributors with a powerful compensation plan.

    So what is a designer ..

  • Pur3x Packs is a New Energy Drink with Mega Antioxidants

    Posted by Tom / on 03/07/2010 / 0 Comments

    Categories: Pur3x Product


    A new designer beverage was just launched in January of 2010 that promises to offer the highest potency products available in the health industry. The flagship product is called Pur3x which is a state of the art energy drink with mega antioxidants that will help to strengthen your immune system and improve athletic performance. The energy drink has the purest ingredients and offers the absolute best that science and nature have to offer.

    This hot new energy drink Pur3x is packed with vitamins A, B, and E along with minerals and antioxidants of every kind that discourage sickness and disease and ..

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